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Rockies AAA All Stars

Posted on: July 16, 2009 6:57 pm

AAA All Star Game - Wednesday, July 15
Currently with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Pacific Coast League)

Eric Young Jr. (2B) - 5 At Bats, 1 Hit, 3 Strike Outs, 1 Runner Left in Scoring Position (2 out), 1 Single, 0 Errors, Took part in 1 Double Play.

Matt Murton (RF) [DH for All Star Game] - 3 At Bats, 0 Hits, 2 Strike Outs, 1 Runner Left On Base.

Matt Miller (LF) - 2 At Bats, 1 Hit, 1 Run, 1 Strike Out, 1 Single, 0 Errors.

The Pacific Coast League lost to the International League by a final score of 5 - 6.

Although these Rockies Minor Leaguers did not perform all that well, that doesn't mean that they don't have tallent to help the Rockies.  Eric Young Jr has been getting a lot of publicity lately (doesn't hurt that his dad is the original EY).  While I was watching the game last night, EY was one of the broadcasters and he mentioned that the Rockies organization is wanting EY Jr. to become more consistent from the right side of the plate, as he is a switch hitter.  At least one of his strike outs last night was from the right side of the plate.

This is an article about the relationship between EY Jr and his father and the similarities and differences in the way that they play the game.  Both EY Jr. and his father play 2B.  But EY Jr. is taller and stronger than his father was and is.  According tothis article, EY Jr. probably has more drive than his father.  Considering that EY Jr. is leading all of baseball (Majors and Minors) it probably won't be long before he is ready to join a major league club.  I just hope that he isn't included in any potential trades to strengthen this year's Rockies team.

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